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State of the Blogging Union

It’s all the rage today: Guardian Unlimited’s New biz on the blog article pretty much sums up where we are in the world of blogs.

A good week

A very successful week. We pushed a new release of our powerful and pragmatic CMS out the door Monday. (The product is better than the marketing, at this point.) Relased a new revision of a client website, long stewing in the committee. And had a full day on-site at another client today. Tomorrow, a day […]

Dick’s Pick

An “Interview From the Vault” with David Lemieux, official Grateful Dead archivist, from August 2001.

Printing organs

I worked as an engineer at Spectra from 1988 through 1990 developing ink-jet printing technology for high-end color office printers. Now, New Scientist reports on experiments to “print” living tissue using ink-jet technology. That’s some pretty advanced technology.

Persuasive websites

GUUUI – Business-centred design – Designing web sites that sell

George Orwell: Notes on Nationalism

May 1945: George Orwell: “Notes on Nationalism”.

Imagination personified

I’m not sure why this article about Harvard Law Professor Charles Nesson is so interesting, but it is. Here’s a great interview in MP3 format. (via Scripting News).

SMBmeta and spatial web searching

Dave Winer points to Trellix’s introduction of the SMBmeta file format. From their introduction: One of the major drivers of the US economy are small and medium businesses (which we’ll call “SMBs”). [….] This document describes a data file format and associated services designed to help those businesses in their use of the Internet. The […]

Good trick, once

Lately we’ve received a number of telephone answering machine recordings that say, “Hello? Hello? … Hello?” Then a hangup. It sounded as if we had called _her_ when this person had called us. We wondered if it was a wrong number, or some weird network switch confusion. Well Occam’s razor needs application: It’s a new […]

Snow, and more snow

Since we’re getting even more snow today, and every day this week, it seems appropriate to point to this list of Inuit words for snow. Thanks Halley!

Apple keynote at MacWorld

Lots of news from MacWorld today: New 17″ PowerBook New 12″ PowerBook Fast web browser, Safari (definately beta) Keynote presentation software Final Cut Express, mid-range video editing package iLife bundle with iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD ($49) Free upgrades to iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD Also, FireWire 800, integrated Bluetooth on the new portables, automatic backlit keyboard […]

Five senses of shopping

Douglas Ruskoff wrote a well-researched riff on shopping mall design for CBS Sunday Morning in December. “The science of retail design

Origami pinhole camera

Amazing: “To simplify these cameras as much as possible I made them out of the 11×14 inch photo-paper itself. There is no film in the camera because the camera is the film. Like a salad bowl made of lettuce leaf, and consumed with the meal, the camera doesn’t exist after its utility is fulfilled. There […]

If price != transparent, then

So, my online subscription to the Wall Street Journal is up for renewal. I don’t visit their site much, getting most of my commodity news elsewhere, and getting OpEd news via blogs and NetNewsWire. The renewal price was $79, and I decided that it wasn’t worth it to me. Maybe if they had RSS feeds, […]

Phish cracks the online music code

Phish has the right idea for online music downloads. Concerts available within 48 hours of their performance. Plus a continuously expanding archive of earlier recordings. Reasonably-priced MP3 (~$10) and high-quality SHN (~$13) files. Price varies by length of show. Clear, easy ordering system and reliable downloads. Reports are upwards of 145K/sec on cable modems. Compare […]

Department of useful government

Mitch Ratcliffe posted a pointer to a fantastically deep report on demographic trends produced by the US Census Department. Lots of good data and analysis in there.

Beck – Sea Change

May I just say, again, how marvelous the new Beck album is? I can’t get over it. Beautiful acoustic guitar, symphonic string arrangements, weird electronic noises, perfect moody songwriting. I just play it over and over. And when it’s not on the stereo, I sing it to myself. I hadn’t noticed this before, but he […]

The future of music playback

Reports from The Well are that this Ethernet MP3 player is a great thing. I don’t doubt it – looks fantastic. Listen to your digital music collection (real-time, random-access) on your stereo (good sound quality, comfy chairs), with a typical IR remote or browser-based control. Works with iTunes and the usual Windows stuff. No Ethernet […]

What if I saved _all_ my stubs?

Very cool: “Ticket stubs are everywhere, one of the many receipts in our daily lives – but we all save some from time to time. The Ticketstub project is a place where you can upload scanned images of your saved stubs, and tell a story about that night, that concert, that movie, what happened on […]