A Reverie of Will

While Lynne was testing her remote viewing capabilities this afternoon, I scanned engravings from the book “Paysages” by Albert Flocon and Gaston Bachelard. Flocon did the engravings (in copper) and Bachelard wrote phenomenological essays about them. You can read English translations of the French in The Right To Dream, a collection of assorted essays on the arts and literature.
Here’s one of my favorite images from the series:


Bachelard: “But everyone who labors dreams a cosmic dream: the engraver of the plain is about to discover a great dream of the labor of the earth. Indeed, beneath his hard, monotonous toil we find the field becoming belly, breast, torso, body. The soil begins to take on the relief of a wooed and courted form. […] It makes this plate a veritable Rorschach test for the analysis of the proprietary instincts. Its two great expanses evoke the ambivalence of all possession: earth or woman? Or rather: earth and woman. The great dreamers do not choose.”
I scanned these images because I have in mind to make a short movie with Bachelard’s text voice-over’ed Flocon’s images. The idea is that I want to create a soundtrack, including vocal performance, music and psychoacoustic effects, to support the visual and poetic imagery. I want to take a textual and visual artifact from 1950 and create a temporal and auditory experience suitable for 2003.
Real Hollywood blockbuster material, eh?
Update, March 14: To the visitor who wrote, “I would like more information on your project as I am Flocon’s daughter.” Please email me: michaelj@notio.com.