Train kept a’rollin’

One thing I love about Mac OS X is how reliable it is under heavy use. Yesterday, all day, I just pounded on it. Six or more Terminal windows ssh’ing to various computers; Internet Explorer; Safari; Mailsmith – I love Mailsmith; Acrobat; Word; Excel; Photoshop; GoLive; BBEdit – I love BBEdit; NetNewsWire scanning RSS feeds every half hour; multiple Fetch and Transmit FTP windows; Palm desktop; iTunes playing in the background, getting music from another server across the room. The machine never hiccupped. I just love it.
Contrast that to a day on OS 9, and you know why we’re all excited about X. Now, if only the Quark situation would resolve (not linked for a reason), or if everyone just moved to InDesign, the platform would be happy.