Onsale 9 AM

turned the corner on the park and there were like 40 people on the steps of the opera house. thinking quickly i grabbed my cell phone figuring that if the line moved slowly i’d call from the line and it might be faster. almost got hit by a car crossing the road. not really, but they wouldn’t have stopped if i hadn’t been fearless. approached the steps and realized it was kids summer camp and they were waiting for the bus. i was first in line at the box office. had 15 minutes to kill so went inside the theater to look at seating. decided rows 6-10 (F-J) were probably best. if he’s solo then close is better, but if there’s a band it will be killer loud. went back to wait in line. two other people showed up. we talked concerts. chick there was hoping for solo because otherwise it would be killer loud. told her about hearing protectors. dude there took his mom to the ’82 portland dead show i love so much. first throwing stones that night. opened the box office five minutes early. could have had any seat in the house. decided on F 105-106. on the centerline, naturally. (bruce cockburn [fan site] comes to my turf october 21.)