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Out of Sync

I’m on the road, staying in a hotel tonight, preparing for a seminar. I’m watching CNN (NH election returns) for the first time in perhaps five years. We don’t have any cable or satellite TV at home (just DVD & VHS). So I’m watching this interview with Vanessa Kerry (John’s daughter) and the sound seems […]


I was at our Co-op today meeting with the General Manager about an upcoming board and management retreat. There I heard a voicemail message received this morning, and it’s worth a comment. The message was anonymous. The woman was perhaps not elderly, but sounded older, or retired. Here is my paraphrase, in full and to […]

Guest post: Sarah Berger

My friend Sarah Berger and I agree that Dean is still the guy. Here’s her take on why. This note is circulating in our friendship circle, and I know a dozen or so people who have been on the fence and are now (back) behind Dean. Here’s her post: I just want to share some […]

The Warrior, Child and Thief

Tarragon tales and barley bales Bread and puppet tears. Toil to farm this misty soil The yield and need Both rots and feeds The warrior, child and thief. The stories told Help sooth our souls While we pursue our gold. Our efforts green The scorched red seed And pound the stone to dust. MJY – […]

Prayer To Continue

Gather silk And cotton leaves, A feather bed Beneath the trees Will keep the bees From stinging. Go now off And leave your home, Keep your strength — This undertow Pulls many in, And keeps the sin Afloat. Breath and paddle Tread and stroke, Mind your own When others won’t. Keep the faith Against all […]

Co-op CCMA Conference

The 48th annual CCMA conference will be held June 10-12 in Minneapolis, MN. The Consumer Co-operative Management Association conference is a highlight of my annual business travel. More details as they arise. If you’re interested in tuning in to a vibrant, progressive, open and enthusiastic group of business-people, this is a highly recommended event. There […]

Free: 4-drawer file cabinet

Free to a good home: Heavy-duty steel grey 4-drawer file cabinet. FREE! Built to 1950’s era mil-spec quality. All drawers operate on full-length rails. A couple of vintage music-oriented bumper stickers grace the sides. This cabinet has a storied history, which, in a desperate act of ‘first workday of the new year’ procrastination I will […]