Free: 4-drawer file cabinet

Free to a good home: Heavy-duty steel grey 4-drawer file cabinet. FREE!
Built to 1950’s era mil-spec quality. All drawers operate on full-length rails. A couple of vintage music-oriented bumper stickers grace the sides. This cabinet has a storied history, which, in a desperate act of ‘first workday of the new year’ procrastination I will briefly relate here:
Originally commissioned for a government sponsored research institute at Syracuse University, they ditched it on the sidewalk when they moved to new digs and we taxpayers bought them brand new 1980’s era Steelcase furniture. I suppose I wasn’t paying any taxes at the time, but I did have the budding indignation of a taxpayer. Me and Olvy and the janitor managed to get most of it into the official Sonic Research Tour Vehicle (a blue 1979 Datsun B210 hatchback). It was kind of pivoting out the back, so Olvy turned around in the front seat to hold onto it while we drove home. Seatbelts were not legally required at the time, so we weren’t breaking any laws (thank god). Going up the big hill on Clarendon Avenue tested Olvy’s strength and resolve, but we managed to get it safely back to headquarters. We sat on the porch taking a break ‘relaxing’ and guarding it until Kyle came home.
When Kyle came home the three of us manhandled it into the office (living room) and took another break. We didn’t even need a file cabinet (this could be you!), it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Eventually it did become home to all manner of stuff and when we moved to Texas, we brought it with us, even though we had to upsize the U-Haul to fit it in. When Marla and I bailed out of Texas (thank god) it held all of my patent research and collected works. In the Upper Valley, the cabinet has spent time in Lebanon, Enfield, Hanover, Lyme, West Lebanon and Cornish. Most recently, Lynne, my aesthetic consultant, needed a second cabinet and we procured two stylish black Hon units from Staples (free home delivery, yea!).
You’ll need a truck or van or SUV or perhaps a station wagon to move it. Although Lynne’s New Beetle is a fine farm vehicle for hay, shavings and fencing, it’s pretty unworkable for file cabinets.
Please help save this fine file cabinet from the mean heartless metal recyclers!
[UPDATE: Sold!]