Why have an office?

Sometimes I wonder why I pay downtown rent for an office space. Most people like me just work out of their homes. Today provides three good examples of intangible office benefits.
I work within 50 feet of the Dartmouth College green. I had a 3:30 meeting at the Hopkins Center, so I left my office at 3:25 and walked over there. (That’s advantage one.)
I had been indoors all morning and didn’t realize that it was a beautiful spring New England day – mid-70’s, sunny, warm. There are worse places to be than hanging out on a college campus when it’s a warm spring day. Advantage two.
When I left the meeting, over on the green there was a bluegrass string band playing, and a lot of people hanging out. I walked over and what do you know – dining services is giving out free ice creme! So I spent an enjoyable half hour listening to live music and eating free ice creme. Advantage three: spontaneous events.
So I paid the May rent.