Reflecting on our Open Space for Giving

I’ve taken the day off, save for mowing the lawn and doing a few loads of laundry, reviewing email, and reflecting on the amazing reverberations from the Conference.
The most striking thing I notice reviewing the proceedings, is how many sessions I wished I’d attended, even though I have no regrets at all about the sessions I DID attend! There were so many good topics, ideas, and futures I’m still reeling.
The most memorable aspect were the people, who attended on a whim. What an amazing group of warm, thoughtful, friendly, and smart people. I think I made some new long-term friends, and I know that I have some fantastic memories of collaboration, open space technology, and co-creating a vision. Thanks to everyone for being so open. Thanks especially to Phil for initiating and Michael for facilitating.
I hope to have a lot more to say in the next few days.