Archives for October 2004

Get Yer Folliage

Colorful times in northern New England. (Compare to July 15.) But it also means that it’s getting colder, and winter is coming. After Toronto, I have to learn how to burn a brush pile. More new-homeowner excitement!

Minnesota 308B Cooperative Act

Some time ago I mentioned a Minnesota law regarding hybrid Coop/LLC business structures that was winding its way through the legislature. It passed (a while back) but I just found the actual statute. Here’s the Google query that will bring up relevant results.

Earth. Face. Fell off.

Been a long time since I rock and rolled. Sorry to miss you all. So much to say. I sold a couple of projects, and that is keeping me busy. Also, Presence has been a major influence, so much so that I applied and was accepted as a Consulting Member of the Society for Organizational […]