Earth. Face. Fell off.

Been a long time since I rock and rolled. Sorry to miss you all. So much to say.
I sold a couple of projects, and that is keeping me busy. Also, Presence has been a major influence, so much so that I applied and was accepted as a Consulting Member of the Society for Organizational Learning. Dig the “who we are” and “purpose and principles” sections.
Peter Senge is speaking in my hometown on communities and education on Nov 3.
Next Wednesday I go to Toronto for a seminar, which I’m much looking forward to. I’m available for dinners Thursday – Sunday (probably at ~7 PM) if you want to get together.
Let me also just say that this is my first post using MarsEdit, a desktop editor for weblogs (Mac OS X only) and it’s awesome! Very convenient; may even increase my posting frequency!