Updating Weblog Archives

This morning I’m reorganizing my weblog. Deleting categories, reorganizing entries, changing archive URLs. I’ve probably broken most inbound permalinks to the site, but it had to be done at some point and I decided “the sooner the better.”
If you want to see if your links to me are broken, here’s an advanced Google query that should help:
notio site:yoursite.com
My apologies for the hassle. (I realize that it’s rude to break inbound links, and it’s worse for me than for the linker, but I needed a reset, so I’ve got to live with it.)
Next up, I’m deciding if today is the day to change the site templates. I’m done with the red and orange, but the change will take several hours work, most likely. If I’m using cliche’s to make decisions, then I suppose “there’s no time like the present.”
[Update: Did it Sunday night. This concludes the meta-weblog work. On to writing.]