Moveable Type 3.1.4 — How?

Would it be too much trouble for Six Apart to include a “readme” file describing how to upgrade their software? Apparently so. Here’s what I see when I download the new release:
What am I supposed to do with this? Ironically, I open up the “docs” folder, and there isn’t even an “index” page? Where do I start with that guys?
I realize that MT is a power-user product, and indeed yesterday I spent a few hours hacking Unix so I can handle it, but really – do I have to wade through the full manual to perform what is supposed to be a simple upgrade? The manual, by the way, has outdated version numbers in it, making me wonder if the instructions are accurate for this release. And anyway, do I really need all the files? Can’t you just give me the changed files and I can install those?
If it’s such an important upgrade, and you encourage all users to upgrade, how about making it easy for us? Even complex free-software projects maintained by volunteers have readme files. This is an old idea, but still, after three years, not standard practice for non-free commercial software from Six Apart.