Future Of Apple

Well, with all the discussion about the Mac mini, the iPod Shuffle, iLife ’05, iWork, and other miscellaneous Apple-related announcements, you may be interested in this intelligence from DigiTimes.

Taiwan contract manufacturers for Apple


Contract maker

Estimated shipment volumes for 2005

Delivery date

iPod shuffle



Available now

iPod/iPod Photo/iPod Mini

Inventec Appliances

Combined shipments of the three items totaled over 10 million units in 2004 and are expected to increase substantially in 2005.


iBook/iBook G5


1.3-1.5 million/year (combined shipments of the two series)

iBook G5 to start shipping in 2Q 2005

PowerBook G5

Quanta Computer


2Q 2005

Mac mini



Available Jan 22

Source: compiled by DigiTimes, January 2005.

As usual, the MacWorld keynote address by Steve Jobs is a state-of-the-art marketing event. (Read: Uncanny ability to manufacture techno-lust – are you sure you don’t need a Mac mini?) Spend an enjoyable two hours watching the streaming video here.
Perhaps they actually meant to type “G4” up there instead of “G5?”