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Not virtual

I have a lot happening today so I left the house at around 6:15 AM to head into work. I swung by a client’s office to pick up some reports, and waltzed to the door at about 6:45. Pulling on the handle, I was much surprised to find it locked! Both doors even. WTF?? And […]

Ev surfaces

Evan Williams, founder of Blogger, today resurfaces with Odeo. [NY Times profile. Odeo blog.] Product will be introduced later this morning at the TED conference. Because of founder celebrity, and meme-full intersection with “podcasting,” expect blogosphere cacophony. Tech note: Odeo is built using Ruby on Rails, previously mentioned on this very weblog. Did I say […]

Ajax web applications

Jesse James Garrett explains how Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (“Ajax”) is changing the face of web-based user-interaction design. Canonical example: Google Maps. Web applications are changing rapidly for the better.

Visualizing Data

This is an amazing data visualization.

The reality of running a weblog

I didn’t pay attention to Notio for a month, and accumulated nearly 900 comment spams. I deleted with extreme prejeduce. This morning I found a new legitimate comment on an older post. If I perhaps accidentially deleted a comment you made, my apologies. Comments are one of the great aspects of weblogs; I’m hesitant to […]

Kottke goes full-time