Here is yet another fantastic software application from a small (one-person) firm. Seasonality from Gaucho Software is a $25 desktop weather application.
Who cares, you say. After all, does that for free. But is slow, and filled with annoying chartjunk and ads. You have to load lots of pages (read, advertisements) to get the info you want.
Seasonality is a small, tight, targeted application designed for users – not for advertisers. It has a four-day forecast, sunrise and sunset, and radar maps. Best of all it has temperature and windspeed graphs looking back from one day to one year. You can set multiple locations and see them at a glance. The UI is clean and obvious. It’s a really nice 1.0 release. I’ll play with the 30-day free trial for a couple of days, but on first glance I’m almost certain to buy it. Congratulations to Gaucho!