Taste of New England

Sitting at home Saturday night, watching “Ray” with some friends. [Insert erudite comment about the awesome fantastic movie.] Into the table lamp next to me flew a cluster fly. Everyone could hear the boink! hitting the lampshade.
> Me: “First cluster fly of the season!”
> Lynne: “Good, means it’s warming up.”
> Me: “Mud season will be here soon.”
And indeed, it’s been above freezing for 36 hours, it’s pouring rain outside, and the dirt road is turning to deep ruts. Time to go to Florida!
Perhaps you had to be there. It was a true New England moment.
Phish has even started off a song immortalizing the cluster fly.
> Welcome, this is a farmhouse.
> We have cluster flies, alas.
> And this time of year is bad.
> We are so very sorry
> There is little we can do,
> But swat them
If it’s in a song you know it’s real.