Walter Murch

Walter Murch at From Jay Allison’s introduction:
“If you work in sound or film, you will come to know the name Walter Murch by your colleagues’ tone when they say it. This is the man responsible for movies you remember for the dance between sound and picture–he shaped them both–The Conversation, The English Patient, Apocalypse Now, Cold Mountain–and those are just a few of his picture editing and sound mixing credits. He has won multiple Oscars in both categories and is, well, generally regarded with some awe.
Walter has created for Transom a new essay called Womb Tone as a companion to his lecture, Dense Clarity – Clear Density, now illustrated here with sound and film clips, detailing Walter’s process. It’s amazing. Take a chair in the classroom, and sit quietly.”
Walter’s Book, In the Blink of An Eye, at Amazon.