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Will probably get fired for this

An Apple employee will probably get fired for this series of Slashdot posts on future Apple technology. But thanks – it all sounds very amazing! First post, Second post, Third post. Follow future posts at this link.

Scalable Inman Flash Replacement

Wow. A method to substitute high-quality text (via Flash, when present) instead of boring HTML text. Here’s the current release. Here’s the Wiki. “[Find] the exact space the headline fills up if rendered as browser text. [Now] let’s draw a Flash movie that exact size and lay the type out as snugly as possible within […]

The tough sell of honesty

Good post from Jeffrey Veen on his design process. Rather than figure out how to design for your audience, design for yourself after becoming like your audience. At that point, I find, snap decisions become good decisions. The problem, of course, is doing this commercially – doing it on cue. How do you write a […]