In Memory of Black Bear (5/05)

Our beloved cat Black Bear died this week after 11 years of joyful, loving cat-ness. She was friendly, smart, happy, wise, and playful right to the last hour of her life. Above, you can see her helping us pack for New Orleans in October 2000.
She had a heart condition that finally caused a severe blood clot. Amazingly, she made it home from the field to the front door under the deck, where it was easy for Lynne to notice her at about 11:30 in the morning. She was still alive, but stiff and unresponsive. A flurry of blurry and surreal activity ensued, but by around 1:30 PM at the vet’s she had passed.
A huge hole in a million little ways. We’ve moved past the pain and just have the sadness, but **man** these supposed “pets” are truly companions and family members.