Working Weekends

I’m supposed to be working today, perhaps the first sunny Saturday in eight weeks. And, in fact, I am. But the procrastination level is high. How high? Well, I **haven’t** installed any new software (at least _not yet_), but I **am** posting to my weblog (three _four_ times today, so far!) and I **did** try to get rsync working (turns out there’s a known bug on 10.4.1), and of course the big Macintosh rumor de jour **has** occupied _some_ attention.
I think it’s time to go warm up the tea and refill the water bottle. I should probably empty the trash, too, while I’m at it. And maybe get a tape backup started. But I’m **not** going to balance my office Quicken accounts today – that would be _insane._
There, I’ve edited it twice and made this post just about as perfect as I can. I think I’ll check for reader comments in a few minutes. [Update: None so far.] I was thinking about updating the weblog design template, but _**not today!**_