Notio Redesigned, Again

That habit of mine struck again. Every time I get overloaded with work I add on an unrelated diversion, such as reading ten books, throwing a family party, buying a new camera, or redesigning my weblog. Sometimes, like this week, all of them all at once.
I had two goals for redesigning Notio. First, to bring my photography into the mix. I’ve always loved creating pictures, and everything about the process, from the chemicals in my grandfather’s basement darkroom to the paradigm shift of my first digital camera.
Second, a more professional look, including a fresh visual design, structural HTML markup, fluid CSS layout, a better color palette, and a new start for the next level of improvement. Short version: It Was Time. I’ve tested the layout on Mac/Safari; Mac/Firefox; and IE6.x/Win. If you see anything odd, let me know. Wouldn’t surprise me.
You can also visit or subscribe to my Flickr photo stream, if you want to skip the words and just watch the pictures.
Your feedback is welcome!
[Update: I just figured out that I’ve broken commenting. I won’t be able to fix it today. Oh well. More fun to have later! Comments appear to be fixed – I had forgotten to put the comment code in the templates.]