Or Perhaps Implied Comment

My local paper had an interesting collection of stories on their “Close-Up: Science” page today. I pass them along without comment.
* __Oral histories show another side of leading scientists__
Reviews the Caltech Archives Oral History Project. A storehouse of interviews with giants of American science and engineering, started in 1978, now encompassing 227 bound volumes, with 53 online, and several more in process.
* __Fit muscles, fit brain?__
Daily light exercise appears to reduce oxidation in the brain. Oxidation causes damage to lipids and DNA via free radicals. I’m radically simplifying, no doubt, but it appears oxidation bad; exercise good.
* __Study: Trees beat the heat__
Southern-dwelling trees and shrubs moved rapidly north 55 million years ago to survive during a period of global warming. “Rapidly” means they moved about 1,000 miles in 10,000 years.
* __Study: No psychological damage from Navajos’ use of peyote__
Repeated use of peyote produces no psychological problems or adverse effects. In fact regular (monthly) users had better moods and a greater sense of psychological well-being. A series of test involving spatial skills and strategic reasoning showed no difference between users and non-users.