Linked lists

It’s the end of the year, and plenty of people (thanks Jason) are generating “best of” links, jogging memory and generating smiles.
* Culture hacking: Improv Everywhere (“We Cause Scenes”) stations a tuxedoed bathroom attendant in the Times Square McDonalds, and records the action. Complete with annotated photographs, and a video clip.
* One (more) reason to live in San Francisco: PARK(ing) – artists install a temporary, portable public park into a two-hour parking spot. Nobody thinks like this in Hanover, let me tell you. Well, maybe in Rio Blanco, but that’s in Vermont, what would you expect? Plus, it’s cold here half the year.
* Theory of Democracy: Long Sunday checks in with an important post on the fundamental strength of Democracy (“…democracy institutionalizes conflict through the regular and periodical redistribution of power and permanent rules controlling contests.”), and the tendencies that undermine it (“There is always a possbility that the logic of democracy will be disrupted in a society in which the foundations of the political order and the social order vanish […] in which the exercise of power depends upon conflict”). C.f Cheney and Nixon.
I’ve been spending the week learning more programming, hence the (very) inside joke of this post’s title.