All I know she sang a little while
Logistically, you couldn’t ask for a better day to move household stuff. Mid-30s, sunny, t-shirt and light jacket carrying boxes and bookcases and computer cables and cat hair. Clear crisp blue skies with bright yellow sunshine, where the stunning beauty of nature, or anything else, could make you cry in a heartbeat and the tears wouldn’t freeze on your cheeks, even in mid-January. I nearly split a fingernail right down the middle, but I was able to clip it short and prevent the ripping.
Cleaning creates space, and more space can be disorienting. Not cleaning like, say, vacuuming, but cleaning out all the extra stuff you never use. For instance, how many coffee mugs does one need? Well, an everyday mug, maybe a second in case the favorite is dirty, and then perhaps enough more so that if you have a dinner table full of guests you can still serve tea. So call it eight. If you actually remove all the giveaway, tacky, gifted, worn, crappy mugs other than the anointed eight, you have a much emptier cabinet, and that takes some getting used to, even if rationally “enough is enough.” If you haven’t used something in four years, do you still need it? I have a basement which proposes this question writ large, and it will probably take four months or more to answer.