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The Drawback of Religious Education

Excerpt from The Problem of the Puer Aeternus: As you know, Christ is the shepherd and we are the sheep. This is a paramount image in our religious tradition and one which has created something very destructive, namely, that because Christ is the shepherd and we are the sheep, we have been taught by the […]


All I know she sang a little while Logistically, you couldn’t ask for a better day to move household stuff. Mid-30s, sunny, t-shirt and light jacket carrying boxes and bookcases and computer cables and cat hair. Clear crisp blue skies with bright yellow sunshine, where the stunning beauty of nature, or anything else, could make […]

Another Opportunity for Weird Fear: Toxoplasma gondii

Are brain parasites altering the personalities of three billion people? The Oxford scientists knew that humans can be hosts to Toxoplasma, too. People can become infected by its eggs by handling soil or kitty litter. For most people, the infection causes no harm. Only if a person’s immune system is weak does Toxoplasma grow uncontrollably. […]

Change vs. the Unresolved

I thrive on change. I count on change to create the new. I love the new. Puer aeternus, baby. I can even deal with “bad” change – because if you’re counting on change, it means the current badness won’t last long. But what slows me down is the unresolved. Not ambiguity, something with which I’m […]

Internet as Meme Machine

There are a few key websites to track if you want to find all the weird, unusual, cool, and bizarre links. Then people like me forward them to people who are not tracking the master-meta sites (as if I have time, heh). You can find pointers in my archive. In the meantime, check out these […]

You’re a Big Girl Now

Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast. Notio is going through a phase right now. I have a big project that’s taking a lot of time, I have a lot of small projects or obligations that are swamping my free time, there are a lot of life changes afoot, and relevant songs are […]

Path Finder and Web Inspector

We interrupt this stream of musical sub-texts to recommend some Mac power-user software. Path Finder 4 is a fantastic Finder replacement, providing a more intuitive and powerful file management and navigation application. For starters, tabs in the Finder window – how cool is that? If you want the gory details on what’s wrong with the […]

Days Between

How much we’ll never know. So the temperature dropped from 49 to 9 overnight, the rain turned to snow, and the skiers rejoiced. The hundreds of northbound SUVs placed their bets and lucked out. We got around a foot of the fluffy stuff here, beautifying the deep-rutted dirt road and reminding us that winter still […]

Looks Like Rain

Brave the storm to come. It’s January in northern New England, and it’s 49 degrees (F) and pouring rain outside. The dirt road is having a mini-mud season, and we have stuff to move tomorrow. I’ve heard of January thaw, but *come on!* Yesterday I was in Boston (indoors all day) and when I left […]


Big changes underway. Turn, and face the strain.

Energy Politics

Mitch Ratcliff speaks for me.

70 Years Ago Today

Terry Appleby, General Manager of the Hanover Co-op, of which I am proud to be the current board president, wrote: On January 6th, 1936, in the middle of the Great Depression, 17 families from Hanover, New Hampshire and Norwich, Vermont gathered to discuss the creation of a society of cooperation to meet their common needs. […]

Purpose of Therapy

Yesterday someone said, “The purpose of therapy is to turn mild anxiety into cold, hard, fear – so then you know what you’re dealing with.” Discuss.

Data Mining 101

Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists by Tom Owad. A little geeky, but worth reading to see how authorities might infer intentions. About six years ago, I used similar techniques to scrape auto sites on the web to find inventory on a new VW Golf TDI diesel (indigo blue, standard shift) within 500 miles of my […]

Crossing a Car with a Motorcycle

Volkswagen introduces the GX3 – the first new idea in cars or motorcycles in years, if not decades. A two-seater, three-wheeled “motorcycle” that drives like a high-performance car, and gets 46 mpg in the city. The photos are amazing. Seems to be designed for commuters. Not sure if you can get winter wheels for the […]


Arrived safely in Providence. That is, the city, not the state.