Path Finder and Web Inspector

We interrupt this stream of musical sub-texts to recommend some Mac power-user software.
Path Finder 4 is a fantastic Finder replacement, providing a more intuitive and powerful file management and navigation application. For starters, tabs in the Finder window – how cool is that? If you want the gory details on what’s wrong with the present OS X Finder, you can read John Siracusa’s series of articles. Most people wish Apple would buy Path Finder and make it the “advanced Finder” mode, if not just ditch the Finder altogether.
If you’re a web developer, this post by the Safari team has exciting news about their new “Web Inspector,” an advanced DOM inspector. You can use WebKit just like Safari; download the latest build, an application called WebKit, and when launched it shows up as Safari, and acts just like Safari, but with the latest new features. The Web Inspector is pretty cool, and beats the heck out of anything else I’ve seen, though to be fair I only do this stuff occasionally.