You’re a Big Girl Now

Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast.
Notio is going through a phase right now. I have a big project that’s taking a lot of time, I have a lot of small projects or obligations that are swamping my free time, there are a lot of life changes afoot, and relevant songs are popping into my head at opportune times. I’m noting them here for my own future recollection.
Hannah asked about sub-texts – how do you tell a true story? Usually the lyric I quote is not the punch line, but if you read the whole song and pay attention to the line before or after the one I quote, or the specific verse, there is probably some thread that connects them. Music is one of the primary truths in my book, existing before language and communicating across cultures. That I can use a lyric (as a crutch?) to express a particular emotion, especially when combined with the chordal structure, melody, and rhythm of the song, means that I can use blogging for defining my sub-text, just as blogging about business helps me define my take on business.
I’ve often struggled with “What is Notio for, anyway?” These days, I’ve decided it’s a personal blog, meaning that it has no overarching goal or purpose – more like a cultural artifact than a deliverable. My own personal cultural artifact, but what the heck, electrons are cheap, and narcissism is one of the grand traditions of blogging. As Rageboy would say, better unsubscribe now before you waste any more time.