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Happens To The Best Of Them

Herman Daly’s “Beyond Growth”

Interesting post from Catallaxis on the limits to growth, the ecological dimension of economics, and the reconciliation of sustainable and physical growth. As I see it (Figure 3), the physical dimension of the economy, which can be measured in terms of the scale of material, energy, chemical, and biological throughput, does indeed comprise an economic […]

With Heavy Heart

I’m with Jon. Sad times. Not clear how to fix it either. What can we each do? Miracles are possible, but not typical. But we don’t need typical, we need a transformation. How do we feed the transformation?

Two Thoughtful and Emotional Blogs

These are making the link rounds, for good reason. Dear Elana: Parents journal about the sudden death of their six-year old daughter. “Elena was surrounded by her four grandparents in the hospital. Grandparents are not supposed to bury a beautiful six year old. Neither are parents.” Five Reasons to Get Cancer: A Zen practitioner is […]

Malcolm Gladwell Has A Blog (Finally)

It’s about time! In the past year I have often been asked why I don’t have a blog. My answer was always that I write so much, already, that I don’t have time to write anything else. But, as should be obvious, I’ve now changed my mind. I have come (belatedly) to the conclusion that […]

Results of Exercise

I had a physical today, first one in a little over two years. I’ve been exercising pretty regularly, one to four times a week, for about three months. I’m up to about an hour of cardio per session, and maybe 30-45 minutes of weights, mostly free weights or functional trainers (only occasionally using fixed-position machines). […]

Inability to Produce Subjectivities

UFO Breakfast checks in with a powerful post on our liberal plight: What’s at stake is liberal complicity in the destruction of a lifeworld that would produce qualities of character that would make sustenance and resistance possible, not just for the next electoral brouhaha but for generations to come, and not just in news-junkie blog […]

33-Pound Cat with 31-Inch Waist

“A 33-pound cat in Qingdao, China, is being described as a “feline monster” because of its 31-inch waist and large size, according to a report. The 9-year-old cat from the Shandong Province is so heavy it needs the help of its owner to get onto a bed. However, the cat is in surprisingly good health […]

Health Care Forum

This would be one way to feed the procrastination: Debate between Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Gopnik on the health care systems in the US and Canada.

Photos of Cuba

Hannah has posted her photos from Cuba. I’m waiting to hear the whole story – I thought it was illegal to visit Cuba, or something. Maybe W made an exception? In any case, they’re great photos! Update: More photos from someone else on the trip.

Three Things About Pivot

Very exciting. Chris Boone wrote a brief review of my website management system, PivotCMS. [Man, do I need to do some marketing work – the product far outshines the marketing, especially the currently-lame website.] He calls out three important design decisions we made early on, and learns how they impact his day-to-day work with clients. […]

The Least We Can Do

Wealth Bondage: “I do wish that liberals were above the fray, presiding over institutions characterized by moderation, fairness, good will, reason and parliamentary procedure. But that is not so. That is what we have lost, or is rapidly slipping away, under pressure from those who have no intentions of compromising with liberals, who indeed bait […]


If all you got to live for, is what you left behind Meanwhile, all this video from the ’70s has me wondering about the future. How can I, as Otto Scharmer teaches, learn from the future, instead of the past? There’s nothing wrong with the past, but it’s not happening in the future. What is? […]

Passion of The Boss

Ever wonder why Bruce Springsteen became so popular? Watch this piece of rock theater and wonder no more. August 15, 1978 at the Capital Center in Landover, MD. An 11-minute impassioned performance of Backstreets. Watch him define the early days of the soft piano intro. Watch as the power ballad takes form. Listen to a […]

Unbroken Chain

November and more, as I wait for the score “Petersen contrasts the unbroken chain of authority, of the preacher and his hounds, of the hypocrisy of religion epitomized by “They say love your brother, but you will catch it when you try,” with the unbroken chain of natural existence, of individuals in the world whose […]

Monday Biz Links

A couple of interesting items from lunchtime browsing: Stowe Boyd: Advisory Capital: A New Basis For Strategic Involvement. Argues for a new model of funding startups. Makes sense to me – the VC route is filled with potholes and speedbumps. There has been a great deal of discussion in the tech community about the changing […]

The Candor of Grown Children

The Happy Tutor, a thoughtful, mild-mannered, and quite reasonable person in real life, wrote this apocalyptic post about the loss of tolerance and lust for power that is overtaking our society in March 2005: My Fellow Consumers! Here’s to Freedom. May it pass us in our misery untouched. History is not for the squeamish. It […]

Nobody Cans Peaches Any More

Joe Bageant: Welcome to Middle-Class Lockdown. Wonderful, fantastic, valuable rant: Joe Bageant’s little inner voice is like everyone else’s. Whenever I shudder at the condition of the republic, whenever I feel its utter absence of community, it scolds me and tells me I am crazy: Nothing is wrong. This is merely the way things are. […]

Something Happens That Shakes Us Into Awareness

via Ashley Cooper at easily amazed: Losing Our Way of Life One of the books I’m playing in right now is Calling the Circle by Christina Baldwin. This passage brought to mind several conversations I’ve had with people recently… so I offer it here: “As we grapple with the awareness that our personal lives cannot […]

From The Comments

Chris Corrigan: “I spent the better part of a day cruising through your Zappa post….” Dude – I’m so sorry! Oh, man, I didn’t intend for anyone to actually click all those links – hell, you could get sucked down the rabbit hole spending the better part of A DAY in the Zappa matrix. Be […]