Notio on Technorati

I haven’t visited the blog search engine Technorati in a dog’s age. They had some serious scaling issues a year or two ago, and it was just useless. I don’t know why I went to visit yesterday, but the results surprised me.
First of all, they hired a designer, thank god. Second, it was essentially fast enough. I had a couple of searches time out, but it was basically an okay experience. What really got me though, was finding out who is linking to Notio. I was quite surprised. The links are listed by recency, so they may change by the time you visit there, but here’s a sampling.
* No surprise on Wealth Bondage. The Tutor and I had a really fun blogging weekend a couple years back, and I have been reading his site since 2003. And he was the genesis for the Giving Conference. So, blog buddy, here’s to ya!
* Up A Creek Without A Patl was a surprise, because I didn’t know Pat had a blog. And a great name for a blog it is! She’s a local tech buddy, who I don’t know well, but I hear through the grapevine that she’s really good at what she does. I sort of expect to work together on a project at some point, but I don’t know why I think that, nor is there any evidence that this is a possibility. But, another subscription for the newsreader!
* Kn@ppster was a total surprise. I’ve never heard of this site, but he picked up my This Is What’s Wrong With The Democrats post on the same day I wrote it. He comments: “Yeah, there’s a blogosphere “A-List” (see above), but what the “C-List” is saying may be more important: Notio – ‘This is what’s wrong with the Democrats,'” and goes on to list a few more sites. Hey, I’ll take a C-List blogger ranking any day – thanks!
* There are a bunch of posts on various sites regarding Rails training by Rails core member Marcel Molina, Jr., linking to my post on the Big Nerd Ranch class I attended. Here’s an example.
* R Perl’s weblog links to my post on Alain de Vulpian and the Process of Civilization. I’m glad that got picked up somewhere – it deserves a wide reading, and I may tackle a longer post on it sometime. InfoDesign and Nicholas Paredes also picked up this post; both are interesting sites.
* Then there are a bunch of spam blogs, that have meaningless sentences strung together, linking to other sites on the ‘net. These guys suck, and I’m not linking to them. What a waste of energy. Dudes, go friggin’ make something instead of sucking wind out of every one else.
* Of course, I knew that Plausible Story linked here, because Hannah is a local friend and I helped set up her blog. Her site is worth subscribing to, IMHO, for an ambitious attempt at integrating life, fiction, and literary imagination. I wonder if she would agree with this description….
* Chris Corrigan is a friend from the Giving Conference. He was excited that I blogged the Society for Organizational Learning conference in Vienna, Austria. Chris is an excellent role model for how to be in the world, and I hope to visit him on Bowen Island at some point.
* abstractplain I hadn’t heard of, but there’s some Rails stuff there, as well as other interesting material. (S)he picked up on my science and technology category, which I haven’t actually updated in a while.
* Ted Ernst is another Giving Conference buddy. He’s a frequent commenter here at Notio, which is amazing since there’s a bug in my comment form making people enter their info every time, and blocking even the most frequent contributors until I approve each comment, time after time.
* Michael Herman coordinated the Giving Conference with The Happy Tutor, and works frequently with Chris Corrigan. Another good role model, and it’s amazing how influential that conference was in my future.
* That epic Zappa post I wrote a while back got picked up on Kill Ugly Radio, so that’s cool. For some reason, duh, I had no idea that there was a whole network of Zappa fan sites.
All in all, it’s pretty interesting who’s linking here. Thanks for your support!