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Fear Is Everywhere

On the lowercase cover of mtj: massage therapy journal (“keeping you in touch”): 4 tips for a safer practice, p88 how to protect your business, p64 You don’t have to look too far for fear.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

A business colleague whom I met at a SoL gathering emailed asking if I or anyone I knew would be qualified and interested in presenting his seminar for 5-7 days in May and June. I sent a bio, CV, and selected projects list. The response (in part): Wow! Talk about diversity! Clearly you are virtually […]

Felice Varini Had a Good Idea

OMG! Check this out. Felice Varini creates 3D painted rooms which, from one angle look like weird random lines, but from another resolve into a specific pattern. More photos. And videos. This has got to be the best thing since the invention of latex. Latex paint anyway. I’m going to buy me some paint this […]

Visions of Johanna

We see this empty cage now corrode The students are building a snow sculpture for winter carnival. I wish I had my camera with me. Takes dedication, since they have to truck the snow in from who knows where – the mountains, I guess. So they have scaffolding, ladders, plywood frames, etc., all holding this […]

Malcolm Gladwell

Good profile of Malcolm Gladwell in the New York Times. Particularly nice are the two mp3 clips of the interview. Interesting to hear his voice in conversation. Not that he’s unaware of the theater of the interview, but conversation is a little more “in the moment” than reading words. “People are experience rich and theory […]

Fire On The Mountain

Almost aflame still you don’t feel the heat Back from Boston. 28 degrees; road frozen with deep ruts. Cat annoyed that I was away for 30 hours. Won’t be the last time.

Making Oil Consumption Tangible

I heard a story the other night – unconfirmed, so this is just hearsay really – that during the winter months, each morning at 6 AM three oil tanker trucks pull into our local institution of higher learning and unload their contents into the the steam heating plant holding tanks. Every day! Three of those […]

Chris Bliss

Once there was a way to get back homeward Fantastic promo video of juggler Chris Bliss interpreting the Beatles’ Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, and End from the Abbey Road disc. Click “Must-See Finale” on the linked page. Update: I just watched this again. Totally inspirational, partly because the song is so good. But he’s […]

Simple Twist of Fate

He woke up, the room was bare I consoled myself about the weather by getting a car wash. No danger of the doors and windows freezing. Turboglacier: “New England, weather-wise, is currently an unacceptable, unholy mess.” Lynne’s been in Chicago. She called yesterday while I was out. Got the message at midnight. Called back after […]

Crass Rant vs Eloquent Reflection

Unbeknownst to me, another local blogger and friend was writing a much more eloquent post about the weather, the same day I was. Whereas I was crass, frustrated, and blunt, Hannah was nuanced, reflective, and subtle. She even cites actual data! Yes, ten to twelve degrees F warmer than normal seems about right. I think […]

Mission In The Rain

Everything you gather is just more that you can lose Made it home through the mud. It’s 38 degrees and pouring rain outside. I approached the muddy section of the road on the left side, knowing that near midnight – or nearly any other time of day – the chances of another car on my […]

Let’s Talk About the Weather

Or, better, let’s bitch about it. We owe it to ourselves – it’s February, and it’s 45 degrees again. If it had been below freezing yesterday we would have two feet of new snow. Instead, inches of rain. My dirt road is a real mess, and when I go out to see friends tonight I’m […]

Gaston Bachelard: Subversive Humanist

Well, it’s been over 16 hours, and no one has taken up the “Dreams vs. Hope” challenge. Granted, the first eight of those hours would have been “Friday night after work” and in my heart of hearts I know that not all of my readers are rushing home to check in on the Notio Inquiry. […]

The Reciprocity of Dream and Work

What would a week of philosophical and psychological inquiry be without a bit of Bachelard? This excerpt is originally from La Terre et les reveries de la volonte, translated by Colette Gaudin in a volume titled On Poetic Imagination and Reverie: If, passively, as an idle visitor, you find yourself in the stifling atmosphere surrounding […]

Big Life Lesson #1

This diagram seems pretty pertinent.

Update on Blog Comments

My aggressive approach to comment spam is having some short-term side effects. There have been a few comments this week that have been snagged by the filter, and I had to tell it to “trust this commenter” and to mark it as “not junk.” Then the comments get posted. Hopefully if this happens to you […]

Fallible Signs

Jim Holt: Turing did [see] a Jungian analyst and developed a taste for Tolstoy, but neither is an infallible sign of madness. – Code Breaker, The life and death of Alan Turing, The New Yorker, February 6, 2006

Learning to Love Again

Wendy Brown, via Long Sunday: We have to learn to love again. We also have to recognize that the ‘we’, the ‘I’, who will be doing that loving, if it is still committed, if there is some continuity in the cares that it has for a humanity that is in some way governing itself, as […]

Marriage (As A Dada Concept)

I wondered what Frank Zappa had to say about marriage. After all, he and Gail were notoriously devoted to each other, and they were married from 1966 though Frank’s death in 1993. They raised four interesting children with unique names (Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet Rodan, and Diva), and they ran a business together, with Frank […]

Feeback to Notio

Email from Chris: Subject: Your post Chris: Wow. You topped yourself. ;) Notio: Uh, which one? I’ve been a little over the top in general…. Chris: The one that wasn’t english. With all the abbreviations. That you edited today, perhaps for clarity, though I couldn’t tell… ;) Notio: Blame it on the cookies! Chris: Seriously, […]