Results of Exercise

I had a physical today, first one in a little over two years. I’ve been exercising pretty regularly, one to four times a week, for about three months. I’m up to about an hour of cardio per session, and maybe 30-45 minutes of weights, mostly free weights or functional trainers (only occasionally using fixed-position machines). While I feel noticeably better, my objective metrics are eye-opening:
* Blood pressure: 106/62. About a year ago it was 138/86, the highest ever since 2002. The lowest it’s ever been since 2002 was 108/80. And I have some stress right now so this is especially good.
* Resting heart rate: 60, vs 84 about a year ago, and 80 two years before that.
* Weight: I’ve gained about seven pounds, virtually all muscle. I’m not so concerned about my weight, so this doesn’t bother me.
This is highly motivating for a non-natural exerciser like me. I need to continue the cardio to burn some more fat, and watch my diet – I think I’m eating more empty calories since I’m so much hungrier – and keep this going until bicycle season gets here. Which, given this so-called winter, may be soon!