Simple Twist of Fate

He woke up, the room was bare
I consoled myself about the weather by getting a car wash. No danger of the doors and windows freezing. Turboglacier: “New England, weather-wise, is currently an unacceptable, unholy mess.”
Lynne’s been in Chicago. She called yesterday while I was out. Got the message at midnight. Called back after I woke up, and the power had come back on, but she was at the workshop. Went about my day. Stopped at the gas station to check the tire pressure (good thing, too). While I was out of the car for five minutes I missed her call on the cell. Called back, wasn’t there, left a message. Started driving to Boston. Stopped in Manchester. Was out of the car for five minutes in the restroom and vending area, and again missed her call. Called back but she had left for dinner. ‘Twasn’t meant to be, apparently. Blame it on a simple twist of fate.