Something Happens That Shakes Us Into Awareness

via Ashley Cooper at easily amazed: Losing Our Way of Life

One of the books I’m playing in right now is Calling the Circle by Christina Baldwin. This passage brought to mind several conversations I’ve had with people recently… so I offer it here:

“As we grapple with the awareness that our personal lives cannot be separated from the life of our times, we are forced to reconsider the assumptions, expectations, and values that have guided our lives thus far. One by one by one by one, something happens that shakes us into awareness.

When one vision falls, another vision rises. This is not usually a sudden switch, but a long process of the old paradigm fading away–struggling with itself to let go, subverting new forces, becoming reactionary and rigid exactly because the inevitable is obvious. We are losing our way of life, and we need to lose it, in order not to lose life itself.

… And so the fading of what-is-established gives rise to what-is-possible. The new vision starts to come into focus–struggling with itself to shift from dream to reality, tangential, experiential, a vulnerable and determined seed. We are claiming a more aware way of life, we need our awareness in order to save life itself.

…As our vision of what constitutes successful living shifts from acquisition to accountability, we seek social and spiritual forms that help us address these questions. It is the premise–and the promise–of this book that gathering in peer-led, spirit-centered circles provides such a community forum.”

What assumptions, expectations, and values have guided your life thus far?

Which ones might be worth reconsidering?

What are your reflections?