The Candor of Grown Children

The Happy Tutor, a thoughtful, mild-mannered, and quite reasonable person in real life, wrote this apocalyptic post about the loss of tolerance and lust for power that is overtaking our society in March 2005:

My Fellow Consumers! Here’s to Freedom. May it pass us in our misery untouched. History is not for the squeamish. It will be written in whatever style they choose, preferably candid and complacent, by the victors, and liberals are not in the running. Their era is over. Their style is dead for any honest public purpose. They will follow meekly enough, or rise above, whether on the cross or the gibbet – or fall short, when the moment comes. My fellow Liberals, Welcome to the Dump. Here at least we can write like friends, God’s spies, as Lear said to Cordelia. Let us cherish these moments together. Let come what may, a Band of Brothers and Sisters, speaking out candidly whatever the cost. Thank God, no one is listening. Are they?

It’s a keeper.