The Least We Can Do

Wealth Bondage: “I do wish that liberals were above the fray, presiding over institutions characterized by moderation, fairness, good will, reason and parliamentary procedure. But that is not so. That is what we have lost, or is rapidly slipping away, under pressure from those who have no intentions of compromising with liberals, who indeed bait them, as ineffectual and diffident as they are, and call them traitors. How will we get democracy back, by fighting with one another, left and middle, or by acting like nothing much has happened, just going on working our daily procedures, as Wealth Bondage sets in? For some of us business as usual sets in like death or paralysis, not just in the body politic, but in our most personal inner selves. We become the knave we play as we go along to get along with the intolerable. To dramatize that knavery, our own, the acts in which we are complicit, is the least we can do out of human decency.”