Update on Blog Comments

My aggressive approach to comment spam is having some short-term side effects. There have been a few comments this week that have been snagged by the filter, and I had to tell it to “trust this commenter” and to mark it as “not junk.” Then the comments get posted. Hopefully if this happens to you it will only happen once. If I am not careful in scanning my junk folder (about 500 junk comments a day, thank you comment-spam scum) then it’s possible I might delete a comment. If this happens to you, my apologies. We don’t censor here at Notio, but we do make mistakes. Ask anyone we know!
Catching up on responses:
Chris: I do little food shopping outside the Coop, so virtually all cookie recommendations will be found on their shelves.
Hilllady: I almost took a swipe at the Enneagram, but it was late and I couldn’t find my copy of the book. Plus, I didn’t want to muddy the waters after working so hard to clarify the situation.