Visions of Johanna

We see this empty cage now corrode
The students are building a snow sculpture for winter carnival. I wish I had my camera with me. Takes dedication, since they have to truck the snow in from who knows where – the mountains, I guess. So they have scaffolding, ladders, plywood frames, etc., all holding this big hunk of fragile snow in place so they can carve it into some sort of character. It sits in the middle of the brown grassy quad – the so-called “green” – a monument to white, to what might have been, to winter carnival’s past, to what could be, if we only work hard enough, build it up from scratch, carve off what we don’t need, and turn it into something beautiful, or at least sustainable.
“Inside the museums, Infinity goes up on trial”
I wonder if it’s fun. Could be, I suppose. Certainly a challenge. It might create a feeling of accomplishment, if they can make it work. Unless the temperature goes to 45 degrees again and it all melts into the mud. Odds are probably 50/50, given the recent history.