A New Kind Of Showerhead

I’d like to make a new kind of showerhead, one that has more impact. As a simple example, who decided that showerheads are useful only for cleansing the body? There are many other things a showerhead could do for you. For instance:
* If you never wanted to shave your legs again, or somewhere else (get your mind out of the gutter), then you could set it to “RH” (remove hair) and run the water over the part of your body you want shaved. That’s all there is to it!
* Let’s say you wanted more hair on your chest, or maybe fill in the slight balding on the top of your head. No problem, set the showerhead to “GH” (grow hair) and run the water where you want more hair.
* A very popular feature would be the “LW” setting (lose weight). Want a little off the belly or bum? Choose the correct setting and run the water where you want the slimming.
* There’s also “AW” for adding weight. This is good for when you’re going to holiday dinner and you’re tired of hearing, “You look too thin dear. And you eat like a bird! Have some more pie.” Take a quick AW rinse around your mid-section to add some weight in the morning, and just take it off the next day.
* The “TD” setting (tanning darken) saves you from going to the tanning booth. So you can stay home and read books on winter break, but still get that Bermuda tan.
* The “TL” setting (tanning lighten) offers the pale white goth look. Perfect for trips to city art museums.
* The “FS” setting (firm skin) is less invasive than a lift or tuck, and you can use it on your whole body as your aging skin starts to sag all over. You’d be surprised how useful this turns out to be for the AARP’ers.
* Advanced models could reshape your nose, add “length and girth,” change your chest, or remove the tattoos you got during your mid-life crisis.
If we could make this showerhead for the same price as today’s showerheads, would you buy one or what? Don’t tell me: You would put one in every shower in the house, wouldn’t you? You’d insist that your health club install them in every shower stall. You’d tell everyone you knew. Mark my words: This is a killer app for the shower! And, I don’t need to tell you: Nearly everyone showers nearly everyday! This product could touch every single person alive. That’s what the MBAs call a market!
Of course, there are a few details to work out. You’d have to have a “velocity” setting, so that if you had a lot of weight to lose, you could set it high, but if you just wanted a trim you could slow the process. Otherwise you might over-do and have to constantly switch between the AW and LW settings until you got what you wanted. You could turn out lumpy.
You’d also want child-proof locks or some other parental control system. Your 14-year old daughter is probably not the best judge of whether she’s thin enough or not.
And, I suppose, you’d want all this to work while you’re cleansing. Most people are way too busy to take a shower and then take another one just to lose 10 lbs! Get real.