Create Your Own Reality

Now that my personal training sessions have ended, it’s time for me to stay in the exercise game without scheduled (and expensive!) moral and educational support. As part of that program, I’m going to do some minor dieting, to really nail down the fat loss in the waist line. This morning I went through the kitchen to see what food I had to finish up or throw out that wouldn’t be on the diet. I was surprised. It’s probably a good sign when all you need to finish up is three bananas, two oranges, half a loaf of wheat-free, gluten-free bread made from sprouted grains, and two servings of gluten-free pasta with pesto, chicken, and broccoli.
Oh. And the chocolate. I suppose that counts. Even dark chocolate? Yes, it appears so. That’s probably the biggest loss. I was surprised to notice that dark chocolate is kept in the candy aisle of the supermarket. I never thought of it as candy before. More like an anti-oxidant caffeine-boosted pleasure melt. Candy? I suppose, if you insist….
Which reminds me of a conversation from last week. Meg and I are both on a local email listserv, and people were posting their blog URLs. She asked me why I hadn’t. My response surprised both of us: “I want Notio to grow by word of mouth on the Internet.” At which point we both laughed as I realized out loud that I’m not sure exactly what else a listserve would be if not a word-of-mouth Internet thing. But it’s different, somehow, even if I don’t know why.
Which just goes to show that we define things however we want, and rationalize them later for other people.