Mail Bombed

Notio is getting emailed bombed, or something. In the last couple of hours I’ve received over a thousand emails like this:
From: Philomena Astle
(Every return address is different.)
Subject: Re: POtharamacy news
(Lots of variations on this.)


Do you want to j O l V f E d R r P k A c Y for your u M k e j d o i e a
r c x t b i b o j n n s?

Nothing like you need it, l S f a r v v e over g 5 d 0 r % with

They come in batches of 200 or 300. WTF? They pass through the server spam filter and get pulled down via POP3, where they pass the local spam filters and I have to wade through them trying not to miss a real email.
Thanks guys. And the point is?? Do you think you’re going to get rich or something? Sheesh.