Welcome to Notio

Welcome, Big Picture readers. Barry pointed you to the Kid’s Today post. Thanks for visiting. You might also want to check out some of the greatest hits:
* I’ve written a lot of personal posts this year, including Expressing Anger, Jung’s Typology vs. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Gaston Bachelard: Subversive Humanist, Your Song, Broken in Two Yet Still Functioning and I Love You.
* Every once in a while I am greatly annoyed by technology. Microsoft ftpd Madness is representative.
* My post on the Chris Bliss juggling video, and the followup on Jason Garfield’s subsequent mean-spirited parody continue to generate comments.
* Posts on consumerism include a recommendation of Champion Chip Cookies, a Hot Tip For Online Electronics Buying, and A New Kind of Showerhead.
* I am very interested in good governance, especially open, transparent governance based on honesty and integrity. I think hybrid cooperative business structures are a good way to generate entrepreneurial participation. See Minnesota 308B Cooperative Act for some additional info.
* A while back there was an epic post on Frank Zappa’s serious classical compositions. Notable for it’s length – pushing the limits of a blog reader’s attention – as well a rare anecdote about meeting Frank.
* Occasionally I post some of my photographs, and snapshots even, on Flickr.
Here’s a link to the RSS subscription feed, if you’re interested in following along. Thanks for stopping by.