A High Degree of Mental Extensity

Here is an excerpt from a list of psychology tests from 1890.
Mental Time
37. The time stimuli must work on the ear and eye in order to call forth sensations.
38. The reaction-time for sound, light, pressure and electrical stimulation.
39. The perception-time for colours, objects, letters and words.
40. The time of naming colours, objects, letters and words.
41. The time it takes to remember and to come to a decision.
42. The time of mental association.
43. The effects of attention, practice and fatigue on mental time.
Mental Intensity
44. Results of different methods used for determining the least noticeable difference in sensation.
45. Mental intensity as a function of mental time. [p.380]
Mental Extensity
46. Number of impressions which can be simultaneously perceived.
47. Number of successive impressions which can be correctly repeated, and number of times a larger number of successive impressions must be heard or seen in order that they may be correctly repeated.
48. The rate at which a simple sensation fades from memory.
49. Accuracy with which intervals of time can be remembered.
50. The correlation of mental time, intensity and extensity.
I’m not sure why I’m posting this, except I like the idea of mental extensity, and while cleaning out my email in-box I’m also cleaning out my blogging drafts.