Choosing Your Empty Calories

If you read the last post you might get the idea that I’m a model of healthful eating. Well, I eat a lot better than the average bear, but I still want variety and tasty goodness every once in a while.
I’ve started to pay attention to the calorie counts on various junk foods and this has influenced my eating. For instance, I am a big fan of the Stoned Wheat Thins crackers. Then I noticed that each cracker is 20 calories. So if I had six of them, that’s 120 calories. Well, compare to the extra-dark chocolate Le Petite Ecolier butter cookies. Two of these is 130 calories. So, if I’m going to eat ~120 calories, do I want crackers, or chocolate butter cookies? Hmm, not sure. Salty crackers or sweet dark-chocolate butter cookies? I’m still not sure, let’s think about it some more: Bland, salty, refined white-flour crackers, or divine, rich, heavenly mix of 70% chocolate mixed with crisp, snappy, butter cookies? Um, let’s take the cookies.
[As an aside, who knew you could get this stuff at Amazon!]
This has been a helpful way to consider the choices and compare against my taste preferences (which is all that matters with junk food, right?).