A Downside of Email Marketing [#000001 in a series]

I just got an email from Netflix that began:

Netflix is proud to announce the opening of its new and improved Previously Viewed DVD store!

Good idea, I thought. Sell off the low-traffic movies. So I clicked over to check out the new section. Looks just like Netflix, you browse, you search, you rate. Nice.
Then I remembered I had wanted to downgrade my account because I don’t watch as many movies in the summer. So I clicked over to my account, and went from the 2-at-a time plan to the 1-at-a-time plan, reducing my monthly expense by $2. Then I realized that the action I took – decreasing their revenue – was the direct result of their marketing spam email. Ha! Thanks for the reminder guys!
$2! Two!! Dollars!!! Two Dollars!!!! Twooooooooooo Dollllllllllaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrssss!!!! Puttin’ one over The Man!!!!!!