Best Comment Spam Ever

Love this: “There seems to be a problem adding comments. I tried three times.”
Yes, Trevor, when you’re commenting on posts that are two years old, the spam filter shuts you out for moderation. When I go to the moderation page and I see that you’re posting a lot of crap to a lot of old posts I delete the comments, which brings me joy.
Now, I could be mistaken. Perhaps you have an actual comment on an older post – the best thing to do there is find something relevant to say on a current post so that you become trusted, and then take a shot at the older posts.
Notio is at 50 to 100 junk comments a day, which I can manage in one or two short (2-3 minutes) sessions. It would be interesting to trendline the comment spam topics – it seems to come in waves. Oh, here are fifty hotel spams, oh look, now we’ve got the drug offers, wait, wait, here come the organ enhancement products, lookey there, some useless newbie test posts as they figure out the spaming software, oh this is rich, the compliments arrive (“There is much knowledge here”) linking to junk sites.
Oh I used to be disgusted, but now I try to be amused