All I know is something like a bird, within her sang
It was cloudy this morning, and that bummed me out because yesterday was so difficult (probably due to precognition). I had a prospect meeting, so I dressed in costume. After the dentist I got a bagel and went to the office. Lots of calls to return. More summer project prospects. A speed bump on the road to another. I went out for lunch and there was some blue poking through the gray. Two hours later I left for the meeting and the sun was shining bright and it was hot! Or at least hot for early May. Felt like summer. Should have worn a lighter costume.
Last year around this time Lynne came home from a couple of weeks at Kripalu, and a couple of days later Black Bear died. That was the end, really, if you want to carbon-date the situation. At least the end of the middle, and the beginning of the end. Not that we knew it at the time. Only in the rearview mirror do we reflect on where we’ve been. Doesn’t help with where we’re going though. For that you need something else, and it’s hard to know what.
If you hear that same sweet song again, will you know why?