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What The President Does

Here is what’s in store for President Bush next week: TONY SNOW: Okay, let’s do the week ahead. Here we go. And thank you all for your forbearance. Sunday, the presentation of a White House tree at the Australian Ambassador’s Residence. Monday, remarks at the Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the United States Capitol. […]

I [Heart] My Clients

I have the best clients in the world. I just agreed to a large project for the summer that I had initially turned down (wherein I would participate but not lead) because the client wanted me to lead it so much they moved their deadline to fit my existing commitments. There are a lot of […]

Political Action Videos

Wow. Check out this political ad (1:23) from a US Senate race in PA. “Our President is a criminal….” Handheld, black & white + color, kids, aggressive language, no holds barred. Of course, in one sense it’s still cynical – taking advantage of our unrest with The System, but still, you gotta hand it to […]

Body Echos

Saw the chiropractor this morning. I’ve been visiting about every two weeks for about 18 months. We’ve been working on some structural issues, from sacrum to mid-back to neck. Some were related to my broken ribs a few years ago (pre-blog, but worth posting) for which I never did any rehabilitation other than take the […]

We Put On Gloves and Dug In

Lynne and I went for a walk down the road today. Ran into neighbor S., who, like Lynne, is a massage therapist. S: I went to a two-day cadaver workshop last month! L: Oh, excellent! S: There were about a dozen of us. There were four cadavers, two up, two down, cut wide open. We […]

Opening Space for Ourselves and Each Other

Chris Corrigan posts some (great) current thinking on the Four Practices of Open Space. I hope he and Michael actually do get a book written about their experiences. Spending three days with them was life-changing, in many subtle but persistent ways. One example: staying in touch with Ashley, and thus seeing posts like this.

Glory Be

It is really springtime here in New England. Last night the bard owls, the peepers, the moon, the stars. Slept with the windows open. This morning, streaming sunshine, activity in the woods, birds galore, happy cat. I sat on the deck for over an hour entraining. It would be a fantastico day to take off […]


All I know is something like a bird, within her sang It was cloudy this morning, and that bummed me out because yesterday was so difficult (probably due to precognition). I had a prospect meeting, so I dressed in costume. After the dentist I got a bagel and went to the office. Lots of calls […]

Who Knew? [episode MMMDCLLXXXVIII]

Yesterday the mailpeople delivered a random new item to my box: The Produce News, “National News Weekly for the Produce Industry Since 1897.” Headlines include “Industry groups release lettuce safety guidelines,” “At Gourmet Garage, the centerpiece is produce” (here’s a photo I took there in December 2000), and “Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee unveils new logo, […]

A Downside of Email Marketing [#000001 in a series]

I just got an email from Netflix that began: Netflix is proud to announce the opening of its new and improved Previously Viewed DVD store! Good idea, I thought. Sell off the low-traffic movies. So I clicked over to check out the new section. Looks just like Netflix, you browse, you search, you rate. Nice. […]

An Anti-Traction, Mobility Denial Material

New Scientist describes a patent for a “riot slimer.” Riot police or troops would wear a back pack with three cylinders – one containing compressed air, another filled with plain water and a third containing a supply of very dry, finely ground, polyacrylamide powder. A nozzle, resembling a shower head, would blasts two separate jets, […]

Listening To Yourself

Almost exactly a year ago, on April 21, 2005, a friend interviewed me for her oral history course. Yesterday I read the (nearly) complete transcript. Oh, the agaony of reading and hearing your actual words transcribed. No, no, I meant…. Plus: Wow – who knew I could be so self-absorbed? Well, some people know, but […]


Minor procrastination battle raging. Productive but difficult. Hence: * Ever wonder what it’s like to become an expert in the press? Ph.D. student Danah Boyd helps you out. “I talk to press every time i’m in my car, in the airport and walking around. I spend a good 15 hours a week addressing press right […]

Douglas Ruskoff Has Had It With Religious Tolerance

Being a contrarian is always good for traffic. I think it’s time to get serious about the role God plays in human affairs, and evaluate whether it’s appropriate to let everyone in on the bad news: God doesn’t exist, never did, and the closest thing we’ll ever see to God will emerge from our own […]

.NET on OS X?

Can someone confirm this rumor I heard last night: Microsoft is porting the .NET runtime framework to Mac OS X. [Note: Currently just a rumor!] If this is true it’s a pretty big deal. With Apple currently offering dual-boot software to run Windows XP on Mac hardware, and the likelihood that they will offer virtualization […]