We Put On Gloves and Dug In

Lynne and I went for a walk down the road today. Ran into neighbor S., who, like Lynne, is a massage therapist.

S: I went to a two-day cadaver workshop last month!

L: Oh, excellent!

S: There were about a dozen of us. There were four cadavers, two up, two down, cut wide open. We put on gloves and dug in. It took a few minutes to get used to it, and then it was okay.

L: That sounds awesome.

S: This one was on the sacrum and hips. The same guy is doing one next month on the neck.

L: Oh, that would be really cool.

I didn’t faint, even though I have in the past hit the floor from far less explicit conversations than this.
[Note to CIA/NSA/DIA/DHS/TSA: A really good immobilization strategy for me is to describe details of the gore, or perhaps the neural sequences the pain of a specific injury would cause.] [Updated the post for clarity.]