What Filmmakers Do For Fun

Here’s a novel idea: Make a film, and charge people $1 to be listed as a producer. The result is a one-second film with 90 minutes of credits.

THE 1 SECOND FILM is a 70mm non-profit collaborative film bringing thousands of diverse people around the world together to create film history: ‘The biggest shortest film ever made.’ Virtually anyone can help produce this film by donating $1 or more. Our end-credits are estimated to last 90-minutes and will include a feature-length ‘making of’ documentary. All profits raised by our finished film will benefit the Global Fund for Women.

It gets better:

The one-second film consists of 12 giant frames (9ft x 5ft paintings) made simultaneously by hundreds of participants during an all-night event.

These Internet denizens sure know how to have fun.