What The President Does

Here is what’s in store for President Bush next week:

TONY SNOW: Okay, let’s do the week ahead. Here we go. And thank you all for your forbearance.

Sunday, the presentation of a White House tree at the Australian Ambassador’s Residence. Monday, remarks at the Annual Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the United States Capitol.

Tuesday, South Lawn arrival ceremony for Prime Minister Howard of Australia, and Mrs. Howard. The President will meet with the Prime Minister on Tuesday, have a joint press availability with the Prime Minister. He also will be meeting with the Sacramento Monarchs, the 2005 WNBA Champions. There will be an official dinner with the Prime Minister and Mrs. Howard on the evening of the 16th. Wednesday —

QUESTION: Official, not state dinner?

TONY SNOW: It says, official dinner.

Wednesday, photo opportunity and remarks to the 2006 United States Winter Olympic and Paralympic teams. He will sign H.R. 4297, the Tax Relief Extension and Reconciliation Act of 2006 — so we do have a — the answer is, Wednesday; I should have read my own paper, I apologize. Attends the Republican National Committee Gala at Constitution Hall.

Thursday, TBD. Friday, attend a Thelma Drake for Congress Reception in Norfolk, Virginia, then on to Northern Kentucky, remarks on the American Competitiveness Initiative in Highland Heights, Kentucky, and a Geoff Davis for Congress Reception in Florence, Kentucky. That’s the week ahead.

Wow, he’s pretty busy with photo opportunities, and signing into law some more tax breaks for millionaires [hat tip, Plausible Story]. I guess everything else is pretty well under control.